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  • Health & Safety

    WHITE ALUMINIUM ENTERPRISES LLC - Glass Processing Division is categorized as one of the most high-tech glass processor in the region. WAE Glass Division aims not only to be known by the quality of its products but also aims to be known by its commitment to Health, Safety and Environment.

    WAE Glass Processing recognizes that prioritizing the protection of the Environment, Health and Safety of all employees will not only result in the good image of the company but it will also increase the employees' morale which impacts the productivity, quality and efficiency. Similarly, WAE Glass Processing must also do what is reasonable to avoid or to minimize any adverse environmental impacts from its activities, promote and adopt environmental sustainability initiatives.

    WAE Glass Processing is committed to:

       ♦    Ensure that all legal compliance with OSHAD SF, National Government and International Bodies are achieved.
       ♦    Ensure that all workplaces, equipment, machineries and processes are safe and without risk to health.
       ♦    Ensure the access to basic facilities and health care to all employees.
       ♦    Ensure that all employees are competent to perform their duties by providing adequate Information, Instructions and Training with Practical and Theoretical Assessments.
       ♦    Ensure that all work processes are risk assessed in order to minimize or totally eliminate the hazards that exist in the workplaces.
       ♦    Maintain all work equipment in a safe state and provide safe systems of work and a safe working environment to employees and all contractors who work for WAE.
       ♦    Make every effort to protect the environment, prevent pollution, minimize consumption of materials, promote reuse and recycling of wastes and adopt best practice on waste management.
       ♦    Strive to achieve continual improvement through implementation and review of the EHS management system and related performance.
       ♦    EHS Policy will be reviewed regularly at least annually and to be communicated to all production employees, staffs and persons working on its behalf, and make it available to interested parties.

    The successful implementation of this policy requires the full support and active cooperation of all employees from Top Management to production workers. WAE is committed to protect the Health and Safety of its employees, customers, visitors and the community at large and protect the physical environment in which the company activities are carried out.

    Our Target:

       ♦    ZERO Lost Time Accidents
       ♦    Reduction in the accident or ill-health rate.
       ♦    To have higher standard set by the Law.
       ♦    To create a strong, positive safety culture