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    White Aluminium Enterprises LLC. (Glass Processing) Division is considered to be the most advanced glass processor in the Middle East and North Africa, and has been consistently investing in sophisticated equipment and machinery from the most technologically advanced suppliers worldwide. The production capacities of these machines are just as impressive as their technology, thus enhancing the companyís ability to mass-produce high quality glass units.

    Today, White Aluminium Enterprises LLC. (Glass Processing) Division is categorized as one of the most high-tech glass processor in the region.

    Our architectural glass products include:

       ♦    Optimized Glass Cutting
       ♦    CNC Edge Worked Glasses (Grinding, Beveling, Polishing, etc.)
       ♦    Tempered / Heat Strengthened Glass
       ♦    Heat Soak Tested Fully Tempered Glass
       ♦    Laminated Glasses
       ♦    High Performance Insulating Glass
       ♦    Decorative Glazing
       ♦    Spandrel Glazing
       ♦    Ceramic Fritted Glass (Screen Printed, Roll Coated and Digital Printed)
       ♦    Solar Control Glass
       ♦    Sand Blasted Glass (Plain and Designed)
       ♦    Personal Used Framed and Unframed Glass Mirrors
       ♦    Fire Rated Glass
       ♦    Bullet Resistant Glass

    White Aluminium Enterprises LLC (Glass Processing) Division uses highly automated and technologically advanced machinery from the best suppliers around the world. Only proven, high quality raw materials go into the production of our wide product range.